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Excess soil export

Sand and gravel screening

snow plowing, removal services

Heavy duty Landscape construction & grading

Snow plowing at Oakland International Airport

Snow removal at car dealership

We process and sell many types of topsoil, such as screened and unscreened topsoil, sandy loam, clay loam and peat topsoil mix.  We can custom blend soils such as USGA golf course mix as well.  We also have portable screening equipment and can provide on-site screening services.  All materials are available for pick up or delivery.  From 2 yards to 40 yards or even 40,000 yards we can supply it and deliver it.  We have been one of the largest topsoil processors in Oakland County since 1977.  We also plow snow, we have pick up trucks with 8' blades to loaders with 20' blades.   

​Since 1977

We build retaining walls with gabion baskets, boulders, or large cement interlocking blocks.

Waterfall construction

soil processing

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