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Parking lot reconstruction at Ford dealership

Wetland excavation, mediation 

Post office addition.

Royal Oak main distribution center.

Municipal bike path construction

Mass grading for subdivision construction

Gabion basket retaining wall

Existing pond Clean out

Peat excavation, pond construction

Soccer field construction

We provide complete site work for residential, commercial and municipal customers.  From residential subdivisions, to commercial & industrial developments, from grading a driveway for a homeowner to mass grading for road work.  Cuts and fills to balance site, finish grade building pads, import or export of soils, cut for curb and back fill, finish grade for site concrete and pavement base,  placement and compaction of gravel base, finish grade ready for paving, we can screen existing on site soil, finish grade greenbelts ready for landscaping.  We supply topsoil, 2NS sand, fill dirt, and gravels,  we can  provide large scale landscape retaining walls, block or boulder.  We do complete compaction for underground trenching or building pads and roads.

Site Development

Anderson Excavating